Our Background

Deb and Kevin Kelly have lived in Virginia´s historic Hampton Roads area for the past 18 years, originally hailing from coastal Connecticut. They immediately fell in love with Hampton Roads in part because of the delightful climate, the Southern hospitality, and the striking similarities to their old home along Connecticut´s Alewife Cove, near the mouth of Long Island Sound. Both their new home and their old home are centered around the ebb and flow of the water and the turn of the seasons. Both are filled with the beauty of nature, the richness of history, the honesty of industry. Both have military importance, with a strong shipbuilding industry. In fact, Kevin comes from a family of shipbuilders, having once been a shipbuilder himself.

Deb and Kevin have always worked well as a team. It took teamwork and positive family values, with each contributing their own unique strengths and talents, to raise two lovely girls who are now adults themselves. Now empty-nesters, they pursue their passion for cooking with the same spirit of teamwork, with Deb specializing in some great Italian cuisine (She´s Italian and makes a mean lasagna!), and Kevin specializing in delicious soups of all varieties. They are also a tight team out on the water, where they enjoy “hanging out” on their 24´ Bayliner Ciera, which they keep moored at Dare Marina.

It seemed almost inevitable that Deb and Kevin´s great teamwork would someday extend to their work. Deb became a Realtor® in 2003, and it wasn´t long before Kevin took an interest in what she was doing. So in 2005, Kevin got his real estate license and joined Deb´s practice, and together they became THE KELLY TEAM.

What makes THE KELLY TEAM so strong and effective is the individual personalities and talents Deb and Kevin bring to the table. Deb is a “people person” and clients like her and enjoy working with her. However, the same vivacious and energetic personality that makes her so likeable also makes her the ideal person to negotiate constructively with other realtors. Deb is also a great decorator, and THE KELLY TEAM clients often rely on her fresh perspectives and her flair for style and décor to prep their homes for sale. Finally, Deb is also a dynamo who keeps business ticking along. Some call her a workaholic; however, that´s what´s required for “getting business done.”

Like Deb, Kevin is also well liked by clients. He is light and funny and always encouraging. Behind the likeable personality, though, is a hard worker. Kevin always wants to be “on the mark” with his information and says “Knowledge is the power and key to being successful in anything we do in life. The more knowledge and experience we have, the better prepared we are.” Kevin goes to great lengths to understand the client´s particular needs, finds ways to meet them, and zealously defends the client´s interests during negotiations. Finally, Kevin served in the military in the mid 1970´s, so he and Deb understand the challenges of military relocation that impact so many families in the Hampton Roads area. THE KELLY TEAM is very proud to specialize in military relocation assistance – a claim they don´t make lightly.

Combined, THE KELLY TEAM provides a complete and well balanced service to buyers and sellers alike. However, it doesn’t do justice to their practice to characterize it as a “service.” The Kelly’s consider themselves somewhat as “dream brokers.” When the signatures are scribbled on the closing papers, they take great satisfaction that they have helped make the client´s dreams a reality. Perhaps what separates them from most brokers, though, is that they consider this the beginning, not the end. Deb and Kevin, THE KELLY TEAM, hope to continue long term relationships with their clients throughout the years and hopefully the generations. According to Kevin, “Nothing would be more exciting than seeing one of our dear clients´ children getting ready to purchase their first home and having them come to us because of the wonderful job we did for their parents and the positive relationship that we built with their family.

THE KELLY TEAM would love nothing more than to apply their talents and resources to help make your dream a reality. The real estate market can be challenging for sellers and buyers alike, and it is important to know the ropes and avoid the pitfalls on either side of the transaction. In this market, it really takes a team.